Vatika India Next

Vatika India Next, Gurgaon, invited NDNS Founder Mr Verhaen Khanna for a tree plantation program with the residents.  The children were excited to plant trees so that they can climb the trees in a few years.  Many fruit trees and native trees have been planted to support the wildlife and balance the ecology.  

Kidwai Nagar Survey

Welcome to Kidwai Nagar. The authorities claim that it is 3 times greener now, after killing existing trees and planting new saplings. The boss says that the saplings are 10 ft tall so everything is ok. The survey exposed that mostly palms (grass family) are planted. The “green space” is non conducive to wildlife nesting or …

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June Nature Expo

Learn how to talk to animals. This weekend we are going to learn how to talk to animals at Fauna Police, Chattarpur, near Greenways nursery. This program will also teach us how to listen to animals and understand their body language. Participants will have a fun and interactive experience with the animals during this program. Come …

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