• Tree climbing workshops: Teaching people of all ages to climb trees.
  • Nature walks – Green Zones: Explore beautiful green areas of Delhi.
  • School and college workshops: Nature awareness programs.
  • Nature workshops: Connecting with nature.
  • Tree census: Counting trees to save them.
  • Digital detox: Abstaining from electronic devices.
  • Slack Lining: A fun test of balance and focus.
  • Sound Healing: Healing with vibrations.
  • Tree hugging: To get the positive energy from trees.
  • Animal Rescues: Rescue Rehab Release
  • Composting: Turning kitchen and garden waste to black gold.
  • Firefighting: To reduce the air pollution.
  • De-choking trees: Removing cement, wires and nails from trees.
  • Network with NGO’s and RWA’s : To spread nature awareness.
  • Nature events and festivals: Bringing like-minded people together.
  • Cool Bags: To promote use of reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Fireflies Walk: Bioluminescence in the city.
  • Liaison with govt. departments: To protect the environment.

About The Founder

Verhaen Khanna, born and brought up in New Delhi, India. He is an artist, filmmaker, photographer, writer and pilot. He loves nature: climbing trees or rocks, vegan food and nature walks.
It all started with a Facebook Page. He uploaded pictures of nature activities and awareness. And as the time passed, more and more people showed interest and started to join-in.
He introduced few innovative and fun, nature related activities; early morning Yoga in the parks, small camp outs over the weekend, nature awareness workshops, rock climbing, tree climbing etc.
He Founded New Delhi Nature Society in 2014, and has been spreading the message of reconnecting with nature, especially among children.

Media mentions: So Delhi, NDTV, India Times, The Better India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times