• Tree climbing workshops: Teaching people of all ages to climb trees.
  • Nature walks – Green Zones: Explore beautiful green areas of Delhi.
  • School and college workshops: Nature awareness programs.
  • Nature workshops: Connecting with nature.
  • Tree census: Counting trees to save them.
  • Digital detox: Abstaining from electronic devices.
  • Slack Lining: A fun test of balance and focus.
  • Sound Healing: Healing with vibrations.
  • Tree hugging: To get the positive energy from trees.
  • Animal Rescues: Rescue Rehab Release
  • Composting: Turning kitchen and garden waste to black gold.
  • Firefighting: To reduce the air pollution.
  • De-choking trees: Removing cement, wires and nails from trees.
  • Network with NGO’s and RWA’s : To spread nature awareness.
  • Nature events and festivals: Bringing like-minded people together.
  • Cool Bags: To promote use of reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Fireflies Walk: Bioluminescence in the city.
  • Liaison with govt. departments: To protect the environment.

About The Founder

Verhaen Khanna, born and brought up in New Delhi, India. He is an artist, filmmaker, photographer, writer and pilot. He loves nature: climbing trees or rocks, vegan food and nature walks.
It all started with a Facebook Page. He uploaded pictures of nature activities and awareness. And as the time passed, more and more people showed interest and started to join-in.
He introduced few innovative and fun, nature related activities; early morning Yoga in the parks, small camp outs over the weekend, nature awareness workshops, rock climbing, tree climbing etc.
He Co-Founded New Delhi Nature Society in 2014. And has been spreading the message of reconnecting with nature, especially among children.

Media mentions: So Delhi, NDTV, India Times, The Better India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times,