About Us

Welcome to the New Delhi Nature Society website, an NGO dedicated to promoting nature awareness and conservation in the bustling city of Delhi. We are a registered trust, established in 2017, and have been actively engaged in various activities to create a greener and more sustainable environment in the city.

Our organization offers a range of exciting and innovative nature-related activities for people of all ages, including tree-climbing workshops, nature walks, school and college workshops, nature workshops, tree census, digital detox, slacklining, sound healing, tree-hugging, animal rescues, composting, firefighting, de-choking trees, and much more. We aim to connect people with nature and empower them with the knowledge to protect and conserve the environment.

Our founder, Verhaen Khanna, a multi-talented artist, filmmaker, photographer, writer, and pilot, is a nature lover at heart. He started the New Delhi Nature Society in 2014, and his Facebook page promoting nature awareness soon gained popularity, inspiring many people to join in the cause. Under his leadership, we have collaborated with other NGOs, schools, colleges, RWA’s, embassies, and government departments to spread awareness about conservation and create a greener environment in the city.

We have achieved many notable successes over the years, including rescuing and rehabilitating animals, saving fallen trees, reviving a lake in south Delhi, and creating awareness through social media, newspapers, radio, and television news. Our work has been featured in numerous publications, and we have received praise and recognition from various quarters.

We welcome volunteers and interns who are passionate about nature and wish to contribute their time and skills to the cause. We also encourage donations and newsletter sign-ups to support our ongoing efforts to protect the environment and empower people with knowledge. Join us in our mission to create a greener and more sustainable future for Delhi and beyond!

The funds raised are used for nature conservation and protection.