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Over the years we have found many types of cases where trees were being cut and we have also been able to save many trees.
In most cases, people don’t know what to do to save trees.
Sometimes people who know what to do, are not aware about where and when the trees are being cut.
People are generally not aware about their local laws for trees.
So, everyday trees are being cut for various reasons.

How it works:

Following is a brief walkthrough of the app functions:

*You can find the tutorials for the app under the “MORE” menu within the app.*

Use this app to Save Trees

Through this app we aim to connect people around the world to save trees. 
If you see a tree being cut, you can post it on the App and notify like-minded people nearby.
If a tree is being cut near you, you will get the notification on your phone.
The authorities can also use this App to save trees.

Crowd Funding

Rs 1,20,000/- of Rs 2,00,000/- 60%

We started a crowdfunding campaign to build this app.
Our target amount is Rs 2,00,000/-.
Till now we have raised approximately Rs 1,20,000/-, with the help of 37 people.
Please click the Contribute button to make a donation and to receive updates about the App.
Thanks in advance.

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