Jump in the Lake

“Welcome to NDNS’s exciting initiative: the ‘Jump in the Lake’ event, followed by an immersive journey into the breathtaking Mangar Forest. Embrace adventure as we leap into the pristine waters, connecting with nature and fellow enthusiasts. After the adrenaline rush, delve into the tranquil depths of Mangar Forest, exploring its rich biodiversity and serene landscapes. This event isn’t just about thrills; it’s a testament to our commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement. Join us as we leap into action, forging unforgettable memories while contributing to the preservation of our natural wonders.”

Mangar Bani Forest, Gurugram, 121004
16/06/2024 8:30 am
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.


  • Sunscreen and hats for sun protection
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Snacks and refreshments
  • A sense of curiosity and adventure!
  • Appropriate swim wear.

For more details_

+9197111 15666