The Foundation School

             Students from The Foundation School visited the site where hundreds of trees have been killed and 16,500 more beautiful healthy trees full of wildlife are in danger.  They all enjoyed tree climbing, identifying trees, and tree hugging. The students also made placards to express their love for trees and wildlife. …

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Kidwai Nagar Survey

Welcome to Kidwai Nagar. The authorities claim that it is 3 times greener now, after killing existing trees and planting new saplings. The boss says that the saplings are 10 ft tall so everything is ok. The survey exposed that mostly palms (grass family) are planted. The “green space” is non conducive to wildlife nesting or …

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Saving 16,500 Trees

Photos were clicked of the areas which were carrying out the felling of the trees. Anil Sood, President of NGO Chetna then filed a case. A candle light march was done by the residents of Delhi who came together to oppose the felling of these healthy beautiful trees. Then on Saturday morning, people showed up …

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Suru Fest Early Gathering

In the year 2014, a journey began unlike any other. A group of young adults ventured into the Himalayan folds looking for adventure. It was within the lofty ranges of Kargil (Kashmir), where they found their oasis; the Suru Valley. The Suru Fest started by Tenzing Jamyang and Sandeep Maity, has been held for the …

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16000 trees to be felled to build houses for govt officials. save tress breathe clean air initiative by ndns

16,500 Trees To Be Felled

Man vs Nature Seven major housing projects are set to take a toll on trees of Delhi, the environment impact assessment of these South Delhi housing projects shows 16,500 trrees are set to be felled.  NDNS has found in its survey of trees in the affected locations that they teemed with wildlife. “Not only will …

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Coffee Powder Collection Campaign

Coffee Power In our first week of the “Used Coffee Powder Collection Campaign”, we collected over 50kgs of used Coffee Powder from several great Coffee shops around #DelhiNCR. Used Coffee Powder is great for the plants, just mix it with your compost. Special thanks to @bluetokaicoffee @sleepyowlcoffee @indiancoffeehouse @cafelotadelhi @trivenikalasangam @starbucksindia for helping us to grow …

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Deer Dies At Deer Park

Deer dies at Deer Park The scorching heat may be taking a toll on animals at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas, south Delhi, with authorities not being careful enough towards their well being. A dead fawn was found at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas with crows feeding on it. Empty water troughs were …

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Tree Rescued

Tree Rescued 3 days of persistence finally paid off. Please remove cement surrounding trees. Watch video

June Nature Expo

Learn how to talk to animals. This weekend we are going to learn how to talk to animals at Fauna Police, Chattarpur, near Greenways nursery. This program will also teach us how to listen to animals and understand their body language. Participants will have a fun and interactive experience with the animals during this program. Come …

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