Birdwatching During Lockdown

Relax With Birdwatching The world is going through a global crisis, in which we’re all in the same boat but at a distance. The excursions are now limited to your neighborhood grocery store and the yoga mats have to be considered the gym at home. The most interaction we have with nature has for now … Read more

Why Must We Remain In Touch With Nature?

About the author Shivani is a 4th year college student who enjoys spending her time in nature and likes to engage in conversations regarding the environment. A few days back… I attended Javed Akhtar’s session on the legendary poet and lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi’s life at Jashn-e-Rekhta. As the session proceeded, Javed saab stated a very notable Observation when asked … Read more

Delhi NGO’s Compile Green Manifesto Ahead of Elections

Who made this ? Two NGO’s from Delhi, Green Circle and New Delhi Nature Society, collaborated to create a Green Manifesto for all the political parties, ahead of the Delhi State Elections 2020. It was created with the help of suggestions submitted by many people.  What is it about ? This Green Manifesto focuses on … Read more

Why is it Important to Raise an Eco Conscious Child?

Climate change occurs when Earth’s climate system changes drastically and results in new weather patterns that lasts for at least a few decades. Unfortunately in today’s day and age climate change is a very real and urgent problem. Due to our unsustainable lifestyles, we are destroying Earth’s resources and all the life on this planet … Read more

Help Your Feathered Friends Cool Off This Summer

Have you wondered why the number of birds flying around have decreased so drastically?  Nowadays you will only see birds early morning or late evening. The heat wave that has left us all confined indoors, is affecting the birds as well. The only difference is that they are not as lucky as we are, they … Read more

Brother Ape

Radhika Bhagat is a Wildlife Conservationist based in India. She has been working since several years to protect wildlife and habitats across India and other South Asian countries. She is also formally trained in Yogic sciences and is exploring the subject of spiritual reverence towards nature as the basis for balance for our individual selves … Read more


Mrs Aparna Rajagopal has a beautiful farm in Noida called Beejom where many rescued animals enjoy playing with each other happily everyday.  The farm grows organic food and generates off-the-grid electricity.  Every Saturday, a small market is organised at Beejom with a group of organic farmers who sell their latest produce.  


  84 bird species, Neel Gai, Peacocks, Butterflies, Damselflies and many species of flora. Exist in this 75 acre forest. Which is going to be destroyed to build a “biodiversity park” including, 19k ornamental plants, food court, amphitheater, concrete golf cart track, etc. How do you feel about that ?  


House full at the Beejom Farm (noida) The “Compassion for Animals” workshop was a great success. Many wonderful families attended the sessions conducted by NDNS, Wildlife SOS, Friendicoes and Dhyan Foundation. Participants met and interacted with the friendly animals at the Beejom farm. Participants were able to buy fresh veggies at the organic farmers market. … Read more

Fireflies Friday

Every Friday NDNS is conducting walks to a secret location where many fireflies shine brightly through the night. Participants counted 100’s of fireflies there. If you want to see fireflies in Delhi, Whatsapp: 9711115666