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Are you an activist or an inactivist?

What is Activism? An activist is one who takes action to create change. They are the ones who try to sort out issues like Environment, poverty, or electricity. They put their full effort to inspire and motivate people to stand up for what is right. What is Inactivism ? The Inactivist is likely to be … Read more

Animal Awareness

Animal Awareness What is animal awareness? Is it being aware of different existing species besides humans? No! It is about being MINDFUL of different existing species besides humans. The way we take care of our daily needs, we should also take care of the needs of every animal who need our assistance. Doesn’t it feel … Read more

Green zones

Green Zones Green zones are green vibrant areas of your city. These areas are a healthy environment for future generations! We should explore various Green zones to savor these natural wonders so that we can preserve them before they are destroyed. Green denotes safety. Hence, the areas that are categorized as green zones denote a … Read more

Green Roofs

Green Roofs Green roofs refer to the greening of roofs using grass, vegetation, or plantations! Many people choose to put grass out on their balconies and roofs for aesthetic purposes. However, real grass and plantations not only beautify your rooftops but also contribute to a cleaner environment. Increased greenery means increased oxygen, increased absorption of … Read more

Curing Tree Blindness

Curing Tree Blindness The term Tree Blindness refers to the ignorance of trees. Almost 90% of people these days suffer from Tree Blindness. Due to this ignorance, people indulge in harmful activities that cause damage to the trees and the environment. People tend not to care about the trees before cutting them down or harming … Read more

Cloth Bags

Cloth Bags Cool people dont use plastic bags It is popular knowledge that plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Hence, to get rid of the waste, they are either burnt which increases air pollution or they are eaten by animals causing countless painful deaths due to choking and indigestion. All ecosystems are impacted negatively by the use … Read more

Love For Animals

Love For Animals Love is important Fear. Many children these days are afraid of animals without even having a bad experience. But, why? This is solely because of limited interaction with the animals. Out of fear, and lack of awareness, children do not interact with animals as much as they should.The answer is Love. By … Read more

De-Choking the trees-Initiative by New Delhi Nature Society NGO. We have de-choked thousands of affected trees in and around Delhi

De-Choking Trees

De-Choking Trees Ever seen cementing near trees ? Well, turns out, this is extremely harmful to the tree. We see a new house getting constructed or renovated almost every week. It seems like a never-ending process. The material that is used for the majority of the construction process is cement. People with low or no … Read more

Tree Census

Tree Census Walking around and recording data about the trees near you. Yes, that is the Tree Census! An exciting and rather simple project that we have worked on in the past is Tree Census. This activity consisted of walking around in the neighborhood and collecting data about the trees near us. Volunteers from all … Read more

Tree Planting

Tree Plantation In today’s day and age, humans are finally coming to terms with the reality of climate change. The awareness about climate change is a real thing that is spreading in masses. The solution that is widely spoken about is switching to renewable energy sources and planting trees. Over the last few decades, the … Read more