Our Projects

Animal Awareness

Animal Awareness We like to see Animals feeling happy. Children and even adults these days are scared of animals around us because of lack of interaction with theseanimals. For these people to get over their fear of animals, they need to be made aware of these animals and otherthings related to them. We organize workshops …

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Green zones

Green Zones Explore various Green zones of New Delhi and nearby areas to savor these natural wonders so that we can preserve them before they are completely destroyed. Green zones help to balance the ecology and control air pollution. Many of these green areas have been developed into metro stations and other These green areas …

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Green Roofs

Green Roofs This project encourages people to grow plants at your home and install solar panels at your roofs to save the environment. Everyone should have at least some plants at their homes or their roofs.

Curing Tree Blindness

Curing Tree Blindness The term Tree Blindness refers to ignorance of trees. Almost 90% of people these days suffer from Tree Blindness. People tend to not care before cutting down a tree or harming the tree. We encourage people to interact with trees and help them understand the essential role the trees play in our …

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Cloth Bags

Cloth Bags Avoid Plastic Bags Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. They are either burnt or they enter the animal’s stomach. Plastic bags are used and thrown but these cloth bags can last for years. These bags are available in different colors and it can hold a lot of weight. These can be a great gift forsomeone.

New Delhi Nature Society NGO-Save & Rehabilitate Animals in New Delhi

Love For Animals

Love For Animals Many children these days are afraid of animals without even having a bad experience. This is solely because oflimited interaction with the animals. By conducting workshops in schools and colleges, we help children overcome their fear of animals and replaceit with love and compassion for these friendly creatures. You can help this …

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De-Choking the trees-Initiative by New Delhi Nature Society NGO. We have de-choked thousands of affected trees in and around Delhi

De-Choking Trees

De-Choking Trees Save Trees near your home by removing cement and increasing soil space. The tree should at least be given 1 meter of soil space around it, otherwise the tree cannot grow wider and the water cannot reach the roots which increases the chances of the tree getting uprooted and falling during storms. Save …

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Tree Census

Tree Census We record data of the trees in our neighborhood and other nearby areas. People volunteer with us so that they can conduct a Tree Census on their own in their nearby areas. This way we cover more areas and record data on a larger scale. We record Tree height, thickness, location, species and …

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Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation Planting a tree is a lifelong investment. How well a tree grows depends on the type of plant selected and theplanting location, the care provided during planting, and the care provided to the tree after planting. During our workshops we create seed bombs with our participants to promote Tree Plantation. We encourageGuerrilla Gardening …

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Extinguishing the man made fires. New Delhi Nature Society NGO makes sure that the city can breath cleaner air. Stopping smoke in every possible way.

Roadside Fires

Roadside Fires Fight Air Pollution 99% people who come across Roadside Fires don’t do anything about it. It only takes one person to spend 10-20 minutes to call the fire service and wait for them to extinguish the fire. If the fire is small and manageable, then you can extinguish it on your own (with …

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