Curing Tree Blindness

Curing Tree Blindness

The term Tree Blindness refers to the ignorance of trees. Almost 90% of people these days suffer from Tree Blindness. Due to this ignorance, people indulge in harmful activities that cause damage to the trees and the environment. People tend not to care about the trees before cutting them down or harming them. Being indifferent to the cruelty against trees can be very dangerous. To begin with, cutting trees may seem like a harmless act of plain cruelty, however, it is one of the most harmful acts of cruelty. When we cut trees we disrupt and damage several ecosystems along with different food chains.

Cutting of trees majorly contributes to the increase in global warming. Trees produce oxygen and keep the carbon-dioxide under control. The process of transpiration also keeps the air temperature cool. Besides temperature, cutting down trees disrupt the homes of many different species. Birds who build nests in the trees and animals such as squirrels who reside in trunks or insects that use trees for survival and camouflaging are all put in danger. Due to this injustice, many animals, birds, and insects go instinct, eventually disrupting the food chain of these species. Hence, tree blindness is NOT an option. Urbanization has led to the importance being put on technology and modernization, because of which, our main source of survival is neglected. If trees don’t exist, who will produce oxygen? If trees don’t exist, where will different species feed on? We need to be well aware of the existence and the importance of trees.

Tree hugging cures tree blindness

We encourage people to interact with trees and help them understand the essential role the trees play in our survival. To do the same, we initiate many activities such as tree-hugging that help us receive positive energies from the trees. This also creates awareness of the positive effects of trees besides survival. While many consider this as an activity to spread awareness solely, it is much more than that. Hugging a tree is a demonstration of support; a sense of promise to love and care for them. In human culture, we hug or shake hands to greet someone or familiarize ourselves with a stranger. In the same sense, hugging a tree serves as a means of curing tree blindness. For individuals who suffer from tree blindness, hugging the tree is the first step we take, as a greeting to the tree. Hence, follow the greeting with familiarizing ourselves with the existence of trees. This is an important activity that helps diminish tree blindness amongst the youth.

Also, another activity we conduct is known as Tree Census. It’s an activity of counting trees to encourage the act of saving trees. The more aware we are of our surroundings, the more mindful we become about taking care of them. The reduced number of trees over the years is truly shocking. As responsible citizens, you can volunteer or initiate activities and workshops that will reduce tree blindness among people.

These are a few initiatives we have taken to reduce tree blindness among individuals for a greener future. Tree blindness is dangerous for all ecosystems.
CURE Tree Blindness to SECURE your future!

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