Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Green roofs refer to the greening of roofs using grass, vegetation, or plantations! Many people choose to put grass out on their balconies and roofs for aesthetic purposes. However, real grass and plantations not only beautify your rooftops but also contribute to a cleaner environment. Increased greenery means increased oxygen, increased absorption of carbon, and cleaner air to inhale. Buildings absorb a lot of heat, and with the increasing global warming, greening your roofs can keep the buildings cool and curb carbon footprint. 

The greener the space, the lesser the air pollution

Global warming is a growing issue, urbanization has led to the release of many toxins and carbon into the air. More so, different gases that trap heat inside the earth are released that cause increase in temperature. Hence, the plants on green roofs can trap airborne pollutants and filter the noxious gases. More so, the buildings can maintain the cooling effect for longer periods as the green roofs retain 80 percent of the precipitation the plants receive. Therefore, it not only restores the water but acts as a filter for the water that runs off. Most importantly, it delays the water runoff which aids the reduction of stress on sewer systems that overflow during the rains.

More so, another way to sustain a greener and cleaner environment is to install solar panels on your rooftops. It helps produce renewable energy while reducing carbon emissions. Hence, this project encourages people to grow plants at your home and install solar panels at your roofs to save the environment. Fossil fuels release extensive carbon emissions that impact the environment severely. Using a solar panel can help prevent global warming and reduce the use of non-renewable energy.


Other benefits of green roofs

The distribution of dust and amog can also be regulated. Green roofs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, hence, it becomes easier for urban areas to adapt to the change in climate and future summers that could be warmer. Besides air pollution, green roofs can reduce the penetration of electromagnetic radiation as well as noise pollution. A proper green roof can reduce sound penetration by 40 decibels.

Green roofs serve as an excellent means of reducing the ambient air temperature while utilizing the space for beneficial reasons. It can serve many purposes besides a healthier environment. For example, home vegetation can lead to nutritious diets. It can create a local food system, also reducing the footprint of the community. While the levels of nutrition increase, a sense of self reliance also increases. And guess what? Having a green roof and home vegetation can also help educate children. They can learn about the biology of plants in a fun and interesting way. More so, they can adopt healthy habits and learn about preserving energy for a healthier future.

Most importantly, the greener the home, the cleaner the air you breathe. Therefore, everyone should have at least some plants in their homes or their roofs. Plants also have a calming effect on individuals, hence, more plants at home can instill positivity and create good vibes.



We also provide certificates to individuals who take initiative towards this good cause; as a token of recognition and appreciation. The greener the house, the better your chances. Send us pictures of your green roof.

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