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Are you an activist or an inactivist?

What is Activism? An activist is one who takes action to create change. They are the ones who try to sort out issues like Environment, poverty, or electricity. They put their full effort to inspire and motivate people to stand up for what is right. What is Inactivism ? The Inactivist is likely to be … Read more


This summer, enrol your children for 7 days of nature workshops.  Many children end up wasting a lot of time during the summer holidays without doing anything constructive. If they are not traveling, lots of them spend their time indoors or in front of a screen. Since it is their time off from school they … Read more


Its mango season again, and who doesn’t love mangoes? Mangoes are a favourite fruit for everybody, including the local wildlife. Birds, bats, squirrels, and cows all love this yummy amazing fruit. There are so many delicious recipes where you can use mangoes. Mangoes are used in smoothies, ice creams, salads, cakes, and even as pickles. … Read more

New Delhi Schools Strike For Climate At MoEFCC

School Students Strike to Fight for our Future Hundreds of students braved high temperatures of 38 Celsius to take part in the ongoing global school strikes for climate change. They took part in a range of actions, organised by groups including Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion, to ask the Minister of Environment Forest and … Read more

OKHLA Waste-to-Energy Plant Protest (Video)

Serious violation by the Okhla Waste-to-energy plant (disease and disaster plant) Okhla Waste-to-Energy plant- another Bhopal disaster in the making. The Okhla WtE plant was commissioned in the face of public interest litigation field by residents months before the foundation stone was laid in July 2010. Through lies and deception both in court and outside, … Read more


Did you know, today is World Water Day.According to Niti Aayog, Delhi will run out of water by next year!How have you prepared yourself?It’s time to make some changes so that we can save enough water for the near future.When you leave your tap open on full pressure, there is 4 litres of water going … Read more

Trees Discussion

While we have been struggling for decades to decode what government’s idea of development was, and who was it’s intended beneficiary and what the cost of development was, a new phenomenon called ‘redevelopment’ has been shoved upon us. The new ‘redevelopment’ projects in New Delhi, as proposed and sanctioned by the Union Government, is on … Read more

16000 trees to be felled to build houses for govt officials. save tress breathe clean air initiative by ndns

16,500 Trees To Be Felled

Man vs Nature Seven major housing projects are set to take a toll on trees of Delhi, the environment impact assessment of these South Delhi housing projects shows 16,500 trrees are set to be felled.  NDNS has found in its survey of trees in the affected locations that they teemed with wildlife. “Not only will … Read more

Deer Dies At Deer Park

Deer dies at Deer Park The scorching heat may be taking a toll on animals at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas, south Delhi, with authorities not being careful enough towards their well being. A dead fawn was found at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas with crows feeding on it. Empty water troughs were … Read more