Deer Dies At Deer Park

Deer dies at Deer Park

The scorching heat may be taking a toll on animals at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas, south Delhi, with authorities not being careful enough towards their well being.

A dead fawn was found at the Deer Park in Hauz Khas with crows feeding on it. Empty water troughs were spotted nearby and other deer sipping from water puddles formed on the ground.

Verhaen Khanna, Founder of NDNS said, “This was at the deer park gate nearest to Hauz Khas Village entry. We saw this sub-adult deer lying dead. It was dead for at least few hours before we spotted it. The crows were feeding on the corpse.”

“About 20 feet away from the dead deer, the water trough was totally dry. Other deer in the enclosure also had no access to water and were quenching thirst with the help water collected on the ground. This careless behaviour towards animals is totally unacceptable.”

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