Its mango season again, and who doesn’t love mangoes?

Mangoes are a favourite fruit for everybody, including the local wildlife. Birds, bats, squirrels, and cows all love this yummy amazing fruit. There are so many delicious recipes where you can use mangoes. Mangoes are used in smoothies, ice creams, salads, cakes, and even as pickles. Some people cut them in squares, some people like to slice a mango into 3 parts and some eat it without any cutting at all. How do you like your mangoes ? 
At the centre of the mango is a big seed. When the mango tree is fruiting, there are hundreds of ripe mangoes hanging from the trees to feed all the creatures. Inside each mango is a seed and it becomes our duty to plant that seed since we enjoyed the fruit. This is the least we can do to repay our debt to the mango trees. Animals do their part by dropping the seed on the ground after enjoying the fruit. But humans often lack this simple moral responsibility. 
Humans have removed all the soil cover around their homes, because they feel like dirt is not clean enough as concrete (food grows in dirt not on concrete). This is a major setback for the trees which are trying to get their seeds into the soil. Each tree produces hundreds of mangoes in a season and each fruit has a seed, each seed is capable of growing a new tree and each tree can produce hundreds of more mangoes in every fruiting season. Many adults have forgotten or don’t care about this magical cycle, they often believe that bottled artificial mango drinks are real.


Have you tried putting a pizza or noodles or doughnut into the soil ? Do you think a pizza tree or doughnut tree or noodles tree will grow from it ? You must try this experiment with a mango seed. First you need to eat the fruit, then wash the seed and place it on the soil, water it a little bit every day, and soon you will see the seed sprouting new roots and shoots. The roots extend downward into the soil and begin to spread to give the plant good balance and nutrition. Then the shoot emerges and starts growing upward and towards the sunlight. 
If you are growing this in a pot, then you need to wait for at least 2 years before the sapling can be shifted into the ground somewhere. Best is to spread these seeds on soil where it can get watered regularly. Many people may not have any soil space remaining near their home or in their entire neighbourhood. Some people may not want to take the responsibility to water the plants regularly. So we have a solution. It’s called the “AAM KHAO GUTHLI BACHAO” campaign.

Don't have a place to plant? Mail it to us!

Collect as many mango seeds as possible. Wash them and post them to New Delhi Nature Society, C-642 New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025. We will grow the plants from seeds and then we will plant the saplings into the ground when they are ready. 
In the past few years, we have organised this campaign with supporting NGO’s in the city and managed to collect numerous mango seeds. Many of these mango saplings have been planted at various locations now, while some of them are still growing at the private nurseries. People from other cities and other countries have also reached out to us for guidance to grow mango trees for free. 

The perks of having your own Mango Tree!

Mango trees grow easily, they give nice shade to spend time under and the branches of mango trees are perfect for tree climbing. The texture of the mango tree gives us a perfect grip since it is not slippery, thorny or brittle. If you grow your own mango trees now, then you can climb them in a matter of just a few years. People who compost their kitchen waste at home have the easiest procedure. Just by throwing the seeds into the compost, it will sprout much faster and the compost mix can be used to grow the sapling in a pot. 

Do a little experiment of your own.

In fact, you can try this experiment with many other fruit. Just by spitting the seeds of your favourite fruit on the soil, you can build a food forest in no time. You can try it with Jamun, Papaya, Watermelon, Chiku, Custard Apple, Lemon etc. 
Why throw your perfectly good seeds away in the garbage? They will most probably get burnt and cause more air pollution. Mangoes are very beneficial for your health. Besides keeping you hydrated and just tasting awesome, they are a great source of antioxidant’s + Vitamin A and C.
So, how many mango seeds are you going to collect this year ? 
How many will you plant ? 
And how many will grow into tall trees, which you can climb and pluck fresh fruit from ? 
Only time will tell.
Share this exciting info with all your family and friends. Lets see how many mango seeds can be grown into beautiful healthy fruiting trees this year. Set a target for yourself and make the world a better place by eating more mangoes. 

"AAM KHAO GUTHLI BACHAO" Campaign in the News

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