Did you know, today is World Water Day.
According to Niti Aayog, Delhi will run out of water by next year!
How have you prepared yourself?
It’s time to make some changes so that we can save enough water for the near future.
When you leave your tap open on full pressure, there is 4 litres of water going down the drain every minute.

What is the status of water in Delhi?

According to NITI Aayog, Delhi’s reserves of water are drying up, could bring ‘Day Zero’ by 2020.Delhi has lost 3cm of water from the reserves (both its reserves on the surface as well as underground) every year.

What is the population of Delhi?

1.98 Crore.

Properties of water:

It is the most soluble substance.

Since water can absorb sugar/salt/dirt, you don’t need to use water with high pressure, you can use water at low setting and still continue cleaning.

Using less water is more efficient and sustainable.

Dishes 40-60 (If the tap is running for 10-15 minutes)
a) Bathing
b) Showering
40 (2 buckets)
80 (If a person showers with the tap running for 20 minutes)
Drinking 2
Cleaning Floor20 (1 buckets)
Washing Car40 (2 buckets)
Garden40 (watering the plants for 10 minutes)
Hand Washing10 (per wash= 2.5 minutes)
Brushing20 (5 minutes)
Washing Face8 (2 minutes)
Laundry60 (3 buckets)
60-170 ( washing machine)

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