Animal Awareness

Animal Awareness

What is animal awareness?

Is it being aware of different existing species besides humans? No! It is about being MINDFUL of different existing species besides humans. The way we take care of our daily needs, we should also take care of the needs of every animal who need our assistance. Doesn’t it feel good when a dog wags his tail and runs around you or when a cat purrs by your feet to show affection and excitement? It is rather beautiful how different species express their affection in different ways. Often children and adults fear the unknown. Hence, being unfamiliar with the ways different animals interact and behave can evoke fear. The only solution to get over these fears is an increase in interaction between humans and animals.

The journey of familiarising ourselves with animals is a two-way street. While it is important for us to understand their characteristics, it is also important for animals to understand the characteristics of humans. If we do not handle them with care and caution, we can instill fear in these animals against humans. This puts us as well as them in danger.

Animals can smell fear. They can sense the tension we feel every time we approach them. This results in reciprocation of uncertainty and fear on their end. When we approach animals, they should feel comfortable and sense our sincerity; they should not act out as a result of fear!

To achieve this

We organize workshops in schools and colleges to get children and adults to interact with these animals and increase awareness. Not only does it help us face our fears, but it also increases our knowledge! We also work on animal rescues by focusing on the main three “R’s” – Rescue, Rehab and Release.

While we spread awareness about animals, being aware of animal cruelty is also important. This information can help us prevent such notorious actions and save animals from this cruelty. So many animals on the street suffer from injuries because people are careless while driving, or indifferent to the pain suffered by animals. More so, due to increasing pollution and unfriendliness towards animals, the infected animals are left in bad conditions to endure all the pain alone. With the constant change in weather as well, the animals are unsheltered and uncared for.

Turning a blind eye towards cruelty

Just because animals cannot express pain through words, it does not mean they don’t have emotions. They experience fear the way we do, they experience joy and sadness the way we do as well. Hence, animals also experience pain. Pain that we humans cause them. It is only fair for us to make up for the damage we do. It is important to be gentle towards other living creatures as well.

Staying at home also, we can help save animals. Keep some food and water outside your homes or in the balconies for birds and stray animals. There are different ways in which you could help animals and ensure their safety and well-being. Be it going to an animal shelter, or organize activities and workshops to spread animal awareness.

All contributions play an important role regardless of the nature of the contribution – be it small, or big; as long as we take initiative as good citizens to make this is a better place for us and our fellow species!

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