Green zones

Green Zones

Green zones are green vibrant areas of your city. These areas are a healthy environment for future generations! We should explore various Green zones to savor these natural wonders so that we can preserve them before they are destroyed.

Green denotes safety.

Hence, the areas that are categorized as green zones denote a safer and greener environment. These places need to be preserved so we can keep our environment cleaner for healthier lives. This approach is efficient in reducing pollution which is a necessity with the increasing pollution in the air, water, and land. Even though the meaning of green zone may differ everywhere, the important thing to remember is that a green zone needs to be preserved and protected. 

Therefore, green zones help balance the ecology and control of air pollution. They also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create better job opportunities for individuals. Once an area has been declared as a green zone, a local framework is provided to protect these areas from local pollutants. Policies also prevent projects that could cause pollution in these areas to preserve the greenery and healthy environment. Not only does it help organizations in employment but it also benefits the environment.

NDNS Activities

We conduct many activities that help contribute to keeping the environment safe alongside creating awareness. Such as nature walks and workshops initiated by us. Nature awareness programs are also conducted in schools and colleges for wider outreach. These activities take place in the green areas of Delhi to explore the beauty of nature. There are awareness programs that are conducted for helping the youth connect with nature. Hence, connecting with nature plays an important role in keeping these areas safe. Being aware of these areas increases motivation to keep our natural environment safe and secure. 

Not only do greener places act as a shield against pollution, but they also help keep the temperature under control. Hence, for a better and secure future, the few places that are green zones should be preserved.  We as an organization try to play our part by conducting workshops and activities to sustain lives on this planet for longer. You as citizens can also contribute by joining our workshops or initiating your workshops and programs as a contribution.

These activities also serve the purpose of bringing like-minded people together and encourage an active social life. The connection we have with nature can motivate us to preserve it for the coming generations and ourselves. Together we survive, divided we suffer.

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