This summer, enrol your children for 7 days of nature workshops. 

Many children end up wasting a lot of time during the summer holidays without doing anything constructive. If they are not traveling, lots of them spend their time indoors or in front of a screen. Since it is their time off from school they should be allowed to do whatever they feel like doing and at some point it is the parents duty to introduce their children to new experiences so that they can discover for themselves wether they enjoy the new activities or not. Living in the big cities, there are not many opportunities to spend time in nature. This is extremely detrimental for the Childs upbringing since they have no fond memories of time spent in natural surroundings. They lack general knowledge about the local environment, their immunity becomes weaker and the human body goes under stressful hormonal imbalances from being disconnected with nature. 
New Delhi Nature Society has curated many exciting nature workshops which are fun, educational and eco-sensitive. Participants will attend 2 hour programs for 7 days which will focus on separate themes for the day. These workshops include Tree Climbing, Seed Bombs, Nature Walk, Pitching Tents, Animal Interactions, Eco Art, Plantation and lots more exciting activities. Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the program. It is suitable for children of ages 7-12. 

Animal Interactions

Learning to interact with animals is one of the most important activity for children. Many adults of today have been robbed of this experience in their childhood which has caused serious negative implications later in their life. It is common to see a city dweller adult to be afraid of a puppy wagging its tail, this is abnormal because the puppy is harmless and showing signs of happiness and affection towards the adult. Some elderly people who have refrained from animal interactions have injured themselves accidentally just by jumping out of surprise when they finally cross paths with a squirrel or butterfly.  Children who are exposed to interactions with animals can understand the body language and emotions of animals better than those who are disconnected from animals. It is one of the most important human skill to develop and has been essential for mankind’s existence on this planet.

Outdoor Survival Skills

It is very important for children to learn how to survive in the outdoors because this knowledge will stay with them throughout their lives. This subject must be learnt outdoors with a practical experience. Learning how to pitch a tent, signalling for help, growing food etc. are skills that can be used anytime when you least expect it. Without this core knowledge you may find yourself searching for answers on the internet, and without wifi or 3g/4g/5g you would be totally lost.

Folks in big cities are suffering from Tree Blindness

Just by being extremely disconnected from nature, humans living busy big city lives have totally lost all regard for nature. They begin to suffer from a deadly disease called tree blindness. Tree blindness patients are unable to see trees in their environment, they can see cars, clothes and buildings but they can’t see any trees in their environment. Trees become completely invisible to them, so sometimes they walk into trees, they drive into trees and if a tree is chopped down outside their home, they would not even notice that it is missing. Just look outside right now and try to identify the names of the trees to find out how serious your Tree Blindness has become. If you can’t see any trees at all, then you have reached a very far stage which needs urgent therapy. 
So many people in the world today are suffering from this problem now days and it is having a serious impact on our environment. These people are making decisions for the future of mankind on this planet, and their plans do not include protecting the very trees which keep us alive. If we find a planet which has trees, it would be easier to survive there than on a planet which has only pollution. Trees reduce pollution and the adults have been constantly destroying more trees everyday even in the worlds most polluted places. Many politicians also suffer from this disease which has led to the destruction of large forest areas.
The cure for tree blindness is as easy as reversing the cause of this disease. Since being disconnected from nature causes tree blindness, spending time in nature can cure this disease. New Delhi Nature Society has helped many people to overcome this problem with the help of specially curated workshops. Tree hugging, tree climbing, nature walks, tree planting, tree identification games, meditating and sleeping under trees are some of the best ways to heal oneself. 
People in rural areas who are disconnected from Mc Donalds and Starbucks usually have a very good sense of the trees around them. They know the names of all the trees around their home and all the uses of those trees as well. They can even give you directions by using trees as landmarks. 

Who, When and Where?

These workshops will be conducted by Mr Verhaen Khanna, Trustee at New Delhi Nature Society. He has conducted numerous nature related workshops over the years with all age groups including dozens of schools and colleges. His mission is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible, to protect the environment. 
The NDNS Summer Camp will be held form 20th May to 26th May. Some of these workshops will be organised in the mornings and others during evenings. They will be conducted at several locations spread around Central and South Delhi, including Nehru Park, Lodhi Garden, Sanjay Van etc. 


  • Day 1: Art and Photography
  • Day 2: Film and Discussion 
  • Day 3: Animal Interaction
  • Day 4: Seed Bomb Planting and Green Tea
  • Day 5: Tree Climbing
  • Day 6: Nature walk
  • Day 7: Tent Pitching and Certificate ceremony

Register for the Summer Camp

To register your children for this program, please CLICK HERE
The cost for this program is just Rs 1800/- per participant.*
We can also organise School or College summer programs for nature workshops.
(Program design and cost for institutions is adjustable)* 
For any further details,
please email info@ndns.in 
or WhatsApp : 9711115666.

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