Several Countries Declare Climate Emergency.

Its time to panic, your house is on fire.

These were the hair raising words spoken by 16 yr old Greta Thunberg at the European Parliament. Millions of children from all over the planet have been protesting against climate change and leaders in many countries have decided to ignore the future welfare of mankind. Numerous species have been going extinct due to human activities sanctioned by the leaders. Many living beings have lost their habitat because leaders are focused on helping corporates. Natural disasters have become extremely violent and severe. Millions of humans are also dying every year because of the pollution caused by poor leadership in many countries.  
If your house is on fire, you would panic and try to save yourselves and your home, you would not focus on prioritising your time and resources to help a corporate to earn profits. Your planet is your only home, and it is on fire, so you need to panic and fix this situation without further delay. Scientists have informed the world that we are near the point of no return, if we cross that point then no amount of actions can save us, because the environment will begin to collapse in a rapid chain reaction. Without the protection of the environment, the human race is doomed. Your children might be the last human civilisation to walk on this planet. After them there will be no habitat for humans to survive. The entire ecosystem is in danger because of poor leadership in many countries.
The last few generations have exhausted great amounts of non-renewable resources and polluted the renewable resources like water and land. The children of today have raised their voice and put their foot down. They do not want to inherit a planet full of garbage left behind by the selfish elders. They do not want to live with illnesses which could have been averted if the adults were more conscious about the environment. 
The decision makers of today are senior citizens who are nearer to the end of their life, whilst the people who have to live with those bad decisions are at the beginning of their life. The youth have not been given the power to choose their leader, so they depend on the adults in their families to do what is best for their future. So it is up to you to vote consciously, focus on protecting the environment and do your best to convince your representative to protect the environment. 

Here is a list of large scale environment destruction going on in India. 

Even though thousands of people have been protesting, legal procedures found documents plagiarised, courts got the illegal environment destruction stopped, but still the higher ranking humans who breathe the same air,  support the continuous destruction of our environment. 
Rivers are becoming concretised, killing all marine life, forests are turning into concrete deserts under the guidance of the supreme leaders and India has 22 of the worlds top 30 most polluted cities. India is ranked at 177 out of 180 countries based on environmental performance.
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So have you wondered why are the Indian leaders silent about declaring a climate emergency?

Have you wondered :
What do they have to benefit by carrying on “business as usual“ ? 
Why are Indian children lives not as important as protecting corporate interests ? 
Are the leaders not interested ?
Are you willing to sacrifice the future of your family to support the leaders and their corporate friends?
Its time to wake up and shake up the leaders before it is too late.
You must demand a climate emergency, then only people will panic and start doing something about the environment. Until then, they are going to continue to sell your future.

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