Keep water outside your home for animals.

Have you ever counted how many glasses of water you drink in a day ? Imagine if you were not able to find a single sip of water even after searching for hours. There are people everywhere, they all have enough water, but nobody wants to share earths natural resource with you, even though your life is on the line. Well, if you were able to experience that feeling in your mind, its time to realise that there are countless living beings that are actually experiencing those feelings everyday, and some are right outside your own home. 
Not too long ago, every home was built with a feeding facility at one corner of the property, there was one section for kitchen waste and another section with clean water. This facility was made for all the creatures who cross your home, it was a more compassionate time for human kind. Cows, dogs, cats, monkeys, birds and even humans were all welcome to enjoy the fresh water and food kept outside. Many homes in rural areas still follow this practice of coexistence with gods own creations. 
In big cities however, people have become so disconnected from nature that they have slowly phased out this feeding facility from the architecture of their homes. Some city dwellers still keep food and water out in bowls for the non human beings outside, they still have compassion in their hearts. There are those people that not only refrain from keeping food and water outside, but they also destroy the containers of food and water kept outside by their neighbours. These selfish humans are the ones who have lost some of their natural tendencies due to exposure of various kinds of modern day manmade experiences. 
One of the main issue which leads to this selfish human behaviour is the advertisements that influence them to make such decisions. Nowadays big companies spend large sums of money just for a 5 second advertisement just to convince you to buy something which you don’t even need. So imagine how effective a 30 seconds or 1 minute advertisement can effect your decisions specially when you see those advertisements more than once. They usually make you feel incomplete unless you buy their new product and they focus on profiting by controlling your “needs” and “wants”. This very quickly disconnects humans from worrying about the rest of life on this planet. And thus has caused our entire planet to face a global climate emergency. 
Summertime is here, temperatures are soaring, and recently we had the 3 hottest cities in the world in India. Many creatures are searching for water to hydrate themselves, but human activity has snatched away their birth right to be able to drink water. Lots of water bodies have either dried up or been encroached upon by humans to make money while they didn’t think about sustaining all the natural flora and fauna. In Australia, the heat wave was so intense that thousands of bats were dehydrated and died due to no availability of water. Many species are going extinct while we continue this trend. Humans are also along the way to become extinct at this rate. 
Keeping water and some food outside can help many living beings, it also makes you a better human being. According to the constitution of India, it is the fundamental duty of every citizen of India “to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures”. By ensuring the survival of all the non human living beings, we ensure our own survival. You may have studied about the food chain at some point in your life. If some of the creatures were to disappear from the food chain in your local area, then the ecosystem will be out of balance, which will become uninhabitable for humans since it will lead to spread of various illnesses. 
So, don’t wait till its too late, just arrange for water and food in 2 separate containers outside your home. Every visitor will be so grateful to your existence and will bless you in their own special ways. People who practice compassion for animals will experience happier lives while those who don’t will lead more stressful lives. There must be some examples around you which you can think about, where people feeding animals always feel happier than ones that are chasing away animals. 
If you do find a bird or any animal who is seeming weak, then just keep some water near them. If they are unable to drink by themselves then consult a vet. Thank you for being compassionate towards animals. This world needs more people to protect the environment. 

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