Healing Power Of Trees

On Arbor Day, Serra International School, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, organised a special program for the young students with support from New Delhi Nature Society. First, the children visited Ashoka Park, New Friends Colony, where they were seated under the lush trees. In the beginning, there was a short introduction about the trees and a briefing on Tree Hugging. Then all the students were encouraged to hug the trees and feel the different textures of different trees. They also learnt the names of some trees by identifying the different leaves. Some of the children also enjoyed their first tree climbing experience. Students were also shown a short presentation after which they got their hands “dirty” with their first plantation experience.
Hillwoods Academy, Preet Vihar, organised an Eco Seminar which involved 11 schools. This program went very well and many children were aware about the environment being damaged and how their lifestyles have a direct impact. Students from all these schools shared presentations and amazing performances about the environment. New Delhi Nature Society shared a short presentation as well. All the students were given a workshop in the field where they enjoyed a tree hugging experience and they also learnt the names of some native trees which can be seen around the city.
It is well known that Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under a tree. If you try sleeping under a tree sometime, you feel completely recharged when you wake up. We all know the basic benefits of trees like, it provides oxygen, food and reduces pollution etc. But trees have even more benefits which you can only feel by experiencing a tree personally. Many people in our tree hugging workshops have reported that they could feel the energy of the tree, it felt like hugging a friend or family member. We even had instances where participants climb up the trees and decide to take a short nap on the branches, and when they wake up they feel absolutely treemendous.
In Japan, people practice Shinrin Yoku, which is known as forest bathing. Just by spending time in the forest, among the trees, birds and little creatures, people are able to reduce their negative emotions like stress, depression, anxiety, anger etc. This exercise also boosts ones immunity and make people happier by the end of their forest bathing experience. Time will fly by very quickly but you will cherish every moment spent there. 
Trees will outlive you like many of them existing today have already outlived your past few generations. They don’t require much from you, just their protection and spreading their seeds. In turn they offer you life, food, medicine, shelter, nutritious soil, water, and great health. They do the same and much more for all the other earth inhabitants as well. 

Children who are disconnected from nature will not fight to save it.

While millions of children from around the world are protesting to protect the environment, we see that there are millions of adults who are not even lifting a finger as far as environment protection is concerned. This negative behaviour towards the environment is the most obvious reason for the terrible environmental conditions we are facing today. While many species face extinction because of pollution and habitat loss, there are also millions of people dying every year because of environmental pollution.
Modern day trends which disconnect people from nature, make people only aware about brand logos, so majority of people around you will not be able to identify their natural surroundings. How crazy is that? Imagine if you could not identify objects in your own home. 
(the black square colourful thing, the tall silver food box, the rotating star on the ceiling)
When was the last time you hugged a tree? 
Do know the name of the trees closest to your home ? 
Your homework is to take a power nap under a tree or hug a tree by the end of this week.
Tell us how it made you feel !

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  1. It’s great and touching to read these letters , so close to nature and leaving us closer to it every time…. god bless

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