Cloth Bags

Cloth Bags

Cool people dont use plastic bags

It is popular knowledge that plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Hence, to get rid of the waste, they are either burnt which increases air pollution or they are eaten by animals causing countless painful deaths due to choking and indigestion. All ecosystems are impacted negatively by the use of plastic! The bags flow into water bodies and cause clogging while the fish who try and feed on the material are also harmed. Statistics estimate 8 million pieces of plastic are entering the oceans daily. Ruthless of us, don’t you think?
Cloth bags over plastic bags is the SMARTER choice! We initiate programs that promote the use of cloth bags as they are eco-friendly and cool.

Plastic remains on the land for years, however, when it comes to utility, it has a use and throw purpose! They are likely to be thrown after being used 1-2 times and might even be inefficient in carrying heavy materials. How often do you replace your plastic polythene bags with new ones? How often do you find holes in the plastic bag after using it once or twice? Most importantly, how often does a vendor use two plastic bags instead of one, to ensure the safety of the products inside? Very often, isn’t it? In comparison to plastic bags, cloth bags are much more durable and useful. In terms of utility, they can be used for carrying heavy material, and the same bag can be used for years! Most importantly, the cloth is biodegradable, hence, it will not harm the environment.


Disposable plastic is bad

We do not understand the importance of biodegradable products. Polythene bags are made from fossil fuels that release toxic gases on burning. The process of making polythene bags releases contaminants in the atmosphere with a non-biodegradable end-product. As a whole, plastic bags are extremely harmful. Cloth bags, however, are made from plants, hence they are biodegradable. There are different styles and materials that cloth bags can be made off. More so, the strength and durability make cloth bags the better choice. Some of the natural fibers such as jute, hemp, and cotton are environmentally friendly. Jute and hemp are also economical as they are easy to grow and cultivate.

Imagine, you have to replace plastic bags so often, that more money is spent on the bags as compared to the products. Wouldn’t it be smart and more efficient to spend money on a cloth bag ONCE and FOR ALL! After you buy cloth bags, you can use them for a variety of purposes, and many years without worrying about durability. Isn’t it cost-effective? It is a one-time investment that helps you save money that would otherwise go waste! By investing in cloth bags, not only are you saving money, but you are also saving the environment and the lives of many innocent animals who die due to plastic consumption.

I want

These bags are available in different colors and prints. You can carry your cloth bag to buy groceries from a vendor. Cloth bags are efficient and aesthetic. These cool bags can also serve as a great gift for someone. It is better to pay the cost of cloth bags with money, rather than paying for plastic bags at the cost of innocent lives!

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