Love For Animals

Love For Animals

Love is important

Fear. Many children these days are afraid of animals without even having a bad experience. But, why? This is solely because of limited interaction with the animals. Out of fear, and lack of awareness, children do not interact with animals as much as they should.The answer is Love.

By conducting workshops in schools and colleges, we help children overcome their fear of animals and replace them with love and compassion for these friendly creatures. We all have survival instincts. When we sense danger, we become afraid and cautious, these are survival instincts all living creatures have in common. Hence, animals sense our fear, which can evoke fear in them as well. They are only harmful if they are trying to defend themselves. If we approach them with love and compassion, they will reciprocate with two times the love and compassion.


All we need is love

A dog is a man’s best friend. Why do think this saying exists if animals weren’t capable of emotions? Animals are capable of giving love and affection twice as compassionately as humans. They are capable of making us feel loved and cared for and heal us at the same time. Animals deserve to be loved and respected. Many of us experience negative emotions such as loneliness and depression. The love of animals can be therapeutic in times like these. They tend to be the best companions in many situations. Caring for animals is like caring for your child. Imagine coming back from work, to someone who is eagerly waiting for you at the door; someone who missed you the whole day; someone who you know is going to jump and run around in happiness at the sight of you. It is a privilege to be loved by animals.

Not only do animals act as our therapists, but they also give a boost to our self-esteem and our sense of independence. While we prepare their food, manage their daily walks, and keep them out of harm’s way, we are already behaving like responsible individuals without even realizing it. Love is an emotion, so strong, that it makes us do good deeds without our realization.

Pet owners and animal lovers will relate to this

After a whole day of waiting and being alone; our pets still greet us with the utmost affection. After being punished for being naughty, they feel sad like small children, on being rewarded or given a treat they also get excited like small children. If, no matter what, their love for us is unconditional; why do we love animals with conditions? Why do we only care for animals we own? Animals who are ignored and left on the streets, unsheltered and neglected need us.

Help these animals receive love. Save them, adopt them, protect them! 

You can help this cause by attending/organizing workshops or contribute to NDNS.

Initiate workshops or activities to be of assistance to these loving animals regarding food, shelter, and protection from harm.

You are just a step away from saving a life of a harmless loving creature.

GIVE love to RECEIVE love.

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