Tree Planting

Tree Plantation

In today’s day and age, humans are finally coming to terms with the reality of climate change. The awareness about climate change is a real thing that is spreading in masses. The solution that is widely spoken about is switching to renewable energy sources and planting trees.

Over the last few decades, the system of capitalism has become so prevalent that it is now leading to our downfall. The need for more and more profit has grown with the least amount of input into the best resources. To make this profit, people want to build factories. Factories increase production. But where will these factories be made? We’ll have to make our own space, so we’ll just clear out a forest and make space for ourselves. Forests have been cut down not only for production units to be made but also to build grasslands that the cattle can graze on. More cattle means more meat.

The practice of deforestation has now gotten out of hand and there is no way that we can recover for the billions and trillions of trees that have been cut down which had been growing for many years. The best possible solution for this is only to plant more trees and maintain them for their lifetime. This is a project that has initiated in the past and will continue to do so. Planting a tree is a lifelong investment. It requires care and effort. How well a tree grows depends on the type of plant that is selected and the location of the planting, the care provided during planting, and the care provided to the tree after planting.

We conduct workshops creating awareness about how to create seed bombs with our participants. This helps us promote Tree plantation and makes it easier for the participants to go back home and implement their learnings. Another cause that we support is the concept of Guerrilla Gardening. Guerrilla Gardening refers to the action of gardening on land without permission. When people find it fit to cut trees down near us without our permission, then shouldn’t we be allowed to plant trees without anyone’s permission? We should be planting more and more plants in an empty area that we see, after all, it is beneficial for the environment and ultimately to us as well.

Taking care of trees can be time-consuming and may require lifetime efforts. This is why we believe in planting native species. Native species of trees require the least amount of maintenance in terms of the conditions that the tree is planted in and the resources that it’s given. Native species don’t only save our time and effort, but they are also beneficial for the ecosystem as they feed the wildlife. The soil that a plant is planted in is very crucial for its survival. The sorts of nutrients that the soil in India will have will be very different from the sorts in Australia. Therefore, native species will work best on their native land. Additionally, we strongly discourage ornamental plantation.

Join us in our projects of Tree Plantation in the future and engage in this exciting and beneficial activity.

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  1. Mukesh Kumar Arora

    I want to plant trees in my Society on my retirement date ir 31.10.2020 and wish to associate myself for the purpose.

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