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Waste Management

Waste Management

The piling up of waste is becoming an extremely huge issue in today’s time. With western ideologies seeping into our society, consumerism is leading us to our downfall. Consumerism is the need to keep buying more and more goods and services. This helps to keep up with the trends and not miss out on anything new in the market. This is an ideology very popular in the west. With the increase in cultural assimilation, it is slowly getting absorbed into our society as well. The more we consume, the more waste gets collected. This is why landfills are getting filled up to alarming amounts when there is almost no going back.

All the waste from all around gets dumped in a landfill. This waste contains all sorts of materials and is all mixed up together that it’s hard to decipher what item is made of which material. The landfills are piling up and there is no way to get rid of so much waste any time soon. With people consuming more and more and not being aware of the damage that it is doing to the environment, the landfills are filling up to no end. The best solution that we can adopt right now is limiting the waste we generate.

We at NDNS are devoted to the practice of minimization. We encourage citizens to buy as few products as possible. This will make people use the products for a longer time and not throw it away so soon, hence creating less waste. We also encourage them to be mindful of the items that they buy. We strongly propel the idea of buying biodegradable products. Materials like plastics must be avoided at all costs. Biodegradable alternatives should be reached out for as much as possible as these products take significantly less time to disintegrate into smaller compounds and seep into the ground.

We also promote the segregation of waste at source. When all the trash is thrown into one dustbin, it all lands up in the huge landfills. When there is already so much waste at the landfills, it is extremely difficult to segregate the waste when it has already reached the landfill. The waste then never ends up getting treated and turned into compost. This is why segregation at the source must be done. If we put in a little more effort to set up three different containers for the waste that is generated at home, then it will be highly beneficial for us and the environment. We will be able to see how much biodegradable and non-biodegradable items we are consuming. This will help us to be more mindful when we pick up that plastic bottle of Coca Cola the next time we go to a shop. Waste segregation is extremely crucial for the environment since the biodegradable waste can be treated and made into compost. This will limit the amount of waste that goes to landfills. 

We actively conduct workshops about the practice of minimization, collection, separation, treatment, and disposal of waste. We help initiate individual level and colony-level waste management solutions.

You can support this cause by attending a workshop/organizing a workshop or contributing to NDNS.

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