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Saving Trees

Saving Trees

New Delhi Nature Society guides people to save existing trees around their homes.

Trees play an important role in our lives, whether we choose to ignore it or acknowledge it. They provide us with the most important resource, Oxygen. Trees take in carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. The gases that we engage with are oxygen, which we inhale, and carbon dioxide, which we exhale. They also provide us with food substances that contain vitamins and minerals that are present in small amounts in our bodies. Trees also help in keeping the temperature of the atmosphere cool. Because they take in carbon dioxide, they are known as the carbon sink. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which increases the heat in our atmosphere by trapping sunlight. If this gas is reduced, there will be control over the rise in temperature due to these greenhouse gases. However, many fail to understand the importance of trees and cut them down for their financial benefit.

As industrialization continues to grow, there is an increasing number of trees being cut down to build factories. Cutting down trees in masses clears up spaces to build factories. More factories mean more production. More production means more profit for the capitalist. Another reason that trees are cut down is due to the high demand for wood. Houses made out of wood and decoration every corner of the house using wood has become extremely trendy now. People wanting more and more wood in their living spaces has acted as a contributor to the increased deforestation. Lands have also been cleared for cattle due to the increased demand for meat. With the increased demand there is also the increase in population, which makes the meat production bigger and bigger, thus requiring more cattle. These various factors have and are still causing the felling of trees.

Nowadays, we often see trees being cut in our neighborhood. But, do we ever question it? Do we ever go ahead and ask the person cutting it, for what purpose this is being done? The answer will mostly be a no. This urge will not come if one does not understand the importance of trees first. Once one has understood the benefits of trees, only then they will go out of their way to intervene and maybe stop the cutting down of trees.

We at NDNS, stop illegal tree felling. We also walk around neighborhoods and remove cementing around them to give more soil space around them. We remove any nails and wires that may be present on the trees due to construction. This increases the lifespan of the trees. Cement, nails, and wires hamper its growth. 

If you come across any tree in the above situations, you can contact the Forest Department or New Delhi Nature Society with the picture and exact location along with your contact details. 

You can donate to this cause through our website and can also volunteer to be a part of such projects in the future. Save trees, save lives!

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