Trees Discussion

While we have been struggling for decades to decode what government’s idea of development was, and who was it’s intended beneficiary and what the cost of development was, a new phenomenon called ‘redevelopment’ has been shoved upon us. The new ‘redevelopment’ projects in New Delhi, as proposed and sanctioned by the Union Government, is on […]

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Rescuing Fallen Tree

This Peepal Tree fell during the storms. We knew we could rescue the tree and extend it’s life by 20-50 years. One resident wanted the tree removed to make a parking space.  We contacted many government officials to rescue this tree. Thanks to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi’s office for helping us to save this tree. The

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Pilkhan Tree Rescued

This tree fell during the storms. NDNS noticed and documented the tree after it fell. We notified some shopkeepers about the procedure to save this tree.  Mr. Rohan Gupta collaborated with us to rescue the tree. He informed the MCD with the help of data provided by NDNS. Now the tree can live for at

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Abandoned Horse (2)

2 days later the Horse was seen again on the busy main road just roaming around searching for food. We arranged for fresh food and were joined by a team from Cambridge School, New Friends Colony. The Principal of the school offered to help, so we made arrangements with Mrs. Anjali Gopalan from ‘All Creatures

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Abandoned Dog Rescue

We found this sweet Doberman abandoned on a busy road in NFC.  He had no collar and has a fractured leg.  Responds to the name chocolate.  We are getting medical treatment for him. Please contact us if you can give this friendly puppy a loving home.  House check is mandatory!

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NFC Tree Choking

MCD was cementing around trees at Community Center New Friends Colony which is a violation of the Hon’ble NGT Court Order, dated 23 April 2013. NDNS called the Police and the MCD people responsible agreed to remove the cement from the trees. Then a month later, NDNS found that the cementing continued around the trees

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Abandoned Horse

  This is an abandoned horse. He was found roaming around on the main road searching for food. Sometimes people catch him and make him lift rocks. He has no owner and nobody to take care of him, because of which he is highly malnourished. NDNS found him and gave him fresh food.  We are

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Swechha Monsoon Wooding

  Monsoon Wooding (Phase 1) A Tree Plantation Drive took place at Ashoka Park, New Friends Colony. This was a collaboration of Swechha, NFC RWA, DDA Team and NDNS. Many residents of New Friends Colony came to plant trees. More than a 100 saplings were planted which consisted of only native species because they are

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De-choke Trees

Let the Trees Breathe This is what happens when wires are tied around trees. This branch of a Healthy Tree broke because someone tied a wire around it. Tying anything on Trees is Illegal. Please find the Hon’ble NGT Court order for De-choking Trees below: Click Here

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Black Kite Rescue

         Black Kite Saved This Kite was rescued in New Friends Colony, New Delhi.  It was attacked by many crows. We found 2 big wounds and medical attention was given by @Wildlife Rescue. Special thanks to The Pollination Project for supporting our animal rescues.       

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