How Can Gen Z Protect Environment?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) which collects data from all over the internet and presents it in an articulated manner. So we decided to ask ChatGPT for suggestions on how Gen Z can contribute towards the protection of the Environment. This was the response: There are several ways that … Read more

A Guide to Identifying Butterflies

When was the last time you took a minute to go out into your garden or balcony to observe nature? We are all so busy that we rarely take out time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here is a beginner’s guide to identifying common butterflies in Delhi. All you need is a few minutes … Read more

Eco-Friendly Products For You

Most of us are aware of the fact that we are destroying our planet. Our practices and products have a detrimental impact on our environment. Although the focus on replacing plastic products with eco-friendly products has increased, the impact that plastic has on our surroundings is not common knowledge. The World Wildlife Fund states that … Read more

Sustainable Fashion

As we become aware of the problems in our environment, sustainable fashion can make a big difference. The fashion industry produces 4-10% of greenhouse gas emissions globally every year. Sustainable fashion has become a buzzword in the last few years and understanding its importance is difficult with the plethora of information on the internet. So … Read more

Are you an activist or an inactivist?

What is Activism? An activist is one who takes action to create change. They are the ones who try to sort out issues like Environment, poverty, or electricity. They put their full effort to inspire and motivate people to stand up for what is right. What is Inactivism ? The Inactivist is likely to be … Read more

Lake Revived in Ashoka Park

Lake Revived in Ashoka Park A lake is one of the most beautiful and expressive landscapes of nature. Lake revival work has been gaining popularity in Delhi. One has been revived in Ashoka Park, New Friends Colony, by the authorities. *Special thanks to Hon’ble Justice Sh. S.P. Garg* How it started 2001 was the last … Read more

Love for Spider Lily

LOVE FOR SPIDER LILY It was an amazing moment for me when a flower on my homegrown spider lily plant bloomed right before my eyes, in only a matter of seconds! People or rather, I, used to think that all flowers take their own sweet time to bloom, with the petals opening gently, micrometer by micrometer, … Read more

World Ranger Day

World Ranger Day World Ranger Day is celebrated on 31st July 2020 Across the globe, park rangers serve at the front line in the fight to protect our natural heritage. World Ranger Day renders a chance to support, acknowledge and appreciate their vital work. This day also serves as an opportunity to pay tribute to … Read more

Plant your food

PLANT YOUR FOOD Growing your food is not as gritty as it sounds to be. It can help us to improve our health, as it decreases the number of pesticides that go into our system, it is an outdoor exercise as it requires physical activities such as pulling weeds, planting and digging etc, and also … Read more

Veganism’s impact on the environment

VEGANISM – Environmental Impact We are in the middle of horrific ecological devastation. Raising animals for food is the single greatest human-caused source of destruction to our environment. It’s the largest source of greenhouse gases, land use, water pollution and rainforest deforestation. The other resources used to raise animals for food are land, fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, … Read more