Saving 16,500 Trees

Photos were clicked of the areas which were carrying out the felling of the trees. Anil Sood, President of NGO Chetna then filed a case. A candle light march was done by the residents of Delhi who came together to oppose the felling of these healthy beautiful trees. Then on Saturday morning, people showed up […]

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16000 trees to be felled to build houses for govt officials. save tress breathe clean air initiative by ndns

16,500 Trees To Be Felled

Man vs Nature Seven major housing projects are set to take a toll on trees of Delhi, the environment impact assessment of these South Delhi housing projects shows 16,500 trrees are set to be felled.  NDNS has found in its survey of trees in the affected locations that they teemed with wildlife. “Not only will

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African Sausage Tree

African Sausage Tree This is a sausage tree which has beautiful blood-red to maroon flowers hanging in long panicles. The Sausage Tree is found from Sub Saharan Africa south to the northern reaches of South Africa. But we found it in Lodhi Garden, Connaught Place and numerous other places around Delhi. The flower of this

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