Greater Kailash 1 Residents in Danger

The very trees that give us life are being destroyed in the heavily populated area of Greater Kailash 1. If digging work was done within 1 meter of the trees outside your home, those trees may fall on your car or even on your house, putting your family members in danger. This issue is not only for residents of Greater Kailash 1 but for everybody living in Delhi.

The authorities have been digging right outside peoples houses in the GK 1 area. This digging is going on between the houses and the line of trees. They are digging trenches to install new storm water drains. The existing storm water drains usually get blocked due to years of plastic waste going in the drains, so they do not clear these drains and hence they install new ones above them. The same procedure was followed in other colonies as well. They are digging trenches within 1 meter of trees, cutting all the roots in the process. This is a violation of The Honourable National Green Tribunal order dated 23rd April 2013, which says ”They (authorities) shall also ensure that the concrete surrounding the trees within one metre of the trees are removed forthwith and all the trees are looked after well and due precaution is taken in future so that no concrete or construction or repairing work is done atleast within one metre radius of the trunk of trees.“

If the trees can’t hold on to the soil because their roots were cut, those trees will have a high risk of falling. Residents must get together and stop the illegal digging within 1 meter of trees to protect themselves and their families.

Concretisation of trees is an issue that is prevalent around the entire city. People are mostly unaware about this problem and are also unaware about the law regarding this issue.

If you notice carefully, almost all the trees around you are concretised. You may only be able to find a few trees that have the prescribed 1 meter open soil space in all directions from the tree. Concretisation of trees makes the foundation of the tree weak. The tree can no longer absorb air or water due to the air-tight space and the roots eventually get weak so the tree falls over in many cases or,  the tree dies very soon.

Everybody should remain extremely alert to prevent all digging and cementing within 1 meter of trees.

CALL 100 if you see anybody digging or cementing within 1 meter of trees and show the NGT order dated 23rd April 2013.

 Pictures below are from Niti Bagh 
(Do you see 1 meter of open soil on all sides of the trees?)

 Picture below is from Sanjay Van 
(Do you see 1 meter of open soil on all sides of the trees?)

Did you know that all kinds of wires, nails, sign boards, advertisements or cables are not permitted on trees and is liable to be penalised for Rs.10,000 ?

To inform the Forest Department about trees in your area, please write to: 

CC to :,

In the first grade of schooling, we are all taught the importance and need for trees on our planet, however we seem to forget all that trees do and provide us with. 

All Delhi residents, and beyond, should make sure that trees are de-concretised. Trees save our lives, it’s now time to save theirs.

About the author:

Riya Mehtani is currently pursuing an honours degree in psychology in Delhi University and aspires to become a clinical psychologist in the future. Her passions include studying mental health and wildlife – she also loves animals and nature

2 thoughts on “Greater Kailash 1 Residents in Danger”

  1. No words to express in praise of your work we pray god to give all strengths to continue with noble work hats off

  2. We from Green Circle get the nails removed in Dwarka trees by reporting to SDMC . In order to challan the culprits, which could be done by authorities, we report the matter and SDMC acts promptly. Challan is issues on the spot. If we remove ourselves, it won’t be possible to challan the offenders.

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