Kidwai Nagar Survey

Welcome to Kidwai Nagar.

  • The authorities claim that it is 3 times greener now, after killing existing trees and planting new saplings. The boss says that the saplings are 10 ft tall so everything is ok. The survey exposed that mostly palms (grass family) are planted. The “green space” is non conducive to wildlife nesting or feeding. Basically 50-150 yr old trees were massacred, all the wildlife nesting there was killed, a giant cement box was placed there, and after planting 10ft saplings, they expect you to believe everything is normal. Now they want to do the same to 16 thousand 5 hundred beautiful healthy trees. Millions of people are protesting and do not want to lose their trees and their lives.

  • The Government of #India expect the people of #Delhi to believe that they have made this area 3 times greener. Now they plan to do the same in other areas, to massacre thousands of trees and in the process, force millions of children into respiratory illness.
    #NewDelhi is already the worlds most polluted city.
    2 million citizens to suffer because of the greed of a few.

Below: (Left) Kidwai Nagar in 2010, (Right) Kidwai Nagar in 2014 

  • Real birds are gone so they put fake ones to fool you at Kidwai Nagar failed project. 

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