Growing your food is not as gritty as it sounds to be. It can help us to improve our health, as it decreases the number of pesticides that go into our system, it is an outdoor exercise as it requires physical activities such as pulling weeds, planting and digging etc, and also it is a natural stress reliever. Moreover, a food plant can give you a rejuvenating and reviving experience. Imagine that immense satisfaction when you eat a tomato which you grew. 

Apart from these, science also tells us that gardening has varied advantages like combating mental health issues and exposure to vitamin D also reduces the chances of several nerve-related diseases.

It gives you an enormous amount of self-confidence as it happened to me. I was an inert person and most of the time used to binge on Netflix series and sleep the entire day. Once, my roommate and I randomly got a strawberry plant to our place and we eventually started watering the plant every day and waited for the plant to grow and give the fruits. The commitment towards the entire process did make me happy and convicted me that I can do anything if I want to.


It doesn’t matter how much space you have. You can grow it in pots on your terrace or balcony. My mom grows lemongrass, basil, ginger, aloe vera, etc in a single pot. They’re all of great use. They help to purify the air and they have their purposes.


The soil has to be conditioned. Also,  it is important to make sure your veggies/plants get lots of fresh nutrients which helps to build up strong, productive plants. Using chemicals can destroy the microbes and nutrients of the soil which in turn cannot produce a perfect veggie.


Compost feeds plants, helps conserve water and keeps food and yard waste out of landfills by turning garbage into useful compost. Likewise, we can pile up the compost and place it between layers of soil which biodegrades and make the soil nutrient-rich.


Plants, such as vegetables or cutting flowers, should be grouped tightly in beds. Furthermore, grouping reduces weeding and water waste and helps you target compost and nutrients. Ample space between rows helps promote air circulation, which repels fungal attacks, and choosing the plants, which we want to grow is important depending upon the space we usually have.

Considering micro-conditions, few plants which are easy and productive to grow are; tomatoes, lettuces, beans, potatoes, carrots, etc.


It is best to water the plants in the morning and on the roots, not on the leaves, which sometimes can be dangerous and ruin the greens. We often get weeds near the plants no matter where we live, it is important to remove them.

These are a few basic, initial steps for a beginner to get started. Also, it is better to plant according to the seasonal changes, and the temperature in the particular region.

“Gardening is the purest of human pleasure “ – Francis Bacon

About the author

Siri is a third year undergraduate student.
She loves to travel and explore the food which is the celebrated dish of that place.

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