You must be wondering if such a phenomenon really exists or not. Well, one day of the entire year is celebrated as Earth Day to spread awareness about protecting the planet. This is because too many people are spending the remaining 364 days of the year not concerned about protecting the very planet that keeps them alive. 
This global event is celebrated by doing something positive for the environment. For example, planting trees, cleaning up human garbage which is polluting the environment or simply starting discussions between friends and family about what each person is willing to do to protect the environment proactively. 
Lots of people don’t know or don’t care about earth day, which is a seriously dangerous problem in society today. It is not their fault that they are distracted with less useful matters. In fact, it is those very distractions which are the primary cause for the terrible condition of the planet today. Our oceans and rivers are flooded with non biodegradable waste, the air pollution levels are killing millions of people of all ages, many wildlife species are becoming extinct due to human activities. Natural disasters have become worse because of climate change. The planet is going through a mass extinction. 
The leaders in every country need to focus more on protecting the environment. Millions of children are protesting around the globe to wake up the elders who allowed the world to become its current polluted condition. They are not going to school because they will not have a future if governments continue to focus on “business as usual”. 16 year old Greta Thunberg addressed the European Union recently and urged everybody to act like the house is on fire. This is an emergency and we can’t afford more procrastination.
Children who are not connected with nature will not fight to save it. So take this as a sign to make sure your children spend enough time in nature everyday. Whatever career path one chooses, it can either help the environment or destroy the environment. So we must all make more conscious decisions to protect the environment. Without a healthy environment, our own lives are in great danger. 
Earth Day should be celebrated every day. At least till the earth is in a better condition. If we all carry our own bottles, there would be a great decrease in plastic bottle pollution. Carry your own bag to empower yourself to refuse plastic bags from shops. Stop making choices which create more waste, since it will be burnt near your home and forced into your lungs. 
So, are you going to just sit back and watch your planet get destroyed or will you make an effort to protect whatever is remaining? There are millions of people to support you for protecting the environment, including the children who will inherit the planet from you. Every action makes a big difference. No action is as bad as destroying the planet. Contact your local NGO’s and volunteer there. Fix the environment around you because it is already very late.

1 thought on “WTH IS EARTH DAY ?”

  1. Dr Jai Gupta

    “ No action is as bad as DESTROYING the NATURE and thereby the PLANET EARTH “

    On this Earth day my sincere best wishes for Planet Earth and NDNS!💐

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