Lake Revived in Ashoka Park

A lake is one of the most beautiful and expressive landscapes of nature. Lake revival work has been gaining popularity in Delhi. One has been revived in Ashoka Park, New Friends Colony, by the authorities.

*Special thanks to Hon’ble Justice Sh. S.P. Garg*

How it started

2001 was the last time that Google Earth had recorded images of the old lake. Restoration work only began after NDNS approached the NGT monitoring committee  in 2019 and informed them about the condition of the site. The NGT monitoring committee surveyed the location and soon the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) made everything possible. 

First, digging work started at the site, then an STP was built to keep the water clean, and soon a fountain was fixed in the center to ensure water movement, the water was filled, new fencing around the periphery and suitable plantation around the lake.

How the lake helped us before 2001

The site is situated at the lowest point within the adjoining colonies. In the surrounding areas, residential blocks are topographically higher. Earlier, all the rainwater in the area used to get collected into the lake, preventing flooding on colony roads and replenishing the groundwater table. 

After the lake was closed down, storm drains on the roads were channeled to exit into the Yamuna river. However, every year the storm drains get filled with plastic waste and silt, which blocks the drains, and then it requires excavations and renovations at regular intervals.


The revival of this waterbody is helping to replenish the groundwater table and providing a good habitat for many local and migratory birds. Fish have been released into the water body to maintain aquatic life. Horticulture around the periphery is the next goal. 

The residents living nearby enjoy the park with their morning walks and runs, practicing yoga and as an escape from digital screens. Daily visitors have increased over time and people love the beautiful landscape around the lake. 

How is it now ?

NDNS found that people of all age groups were enjoying themselves around the lake. Flowers were blooming, birds chirping and bathing. It is a truly refreshing site to see.

Mr. Verhaen Khanna, founder of NDNS, stresses on the importance of such lakes for balancing the natural ecosystem. Whenever a lake is revived, an ecosystem is revived, which benefits the flora, fauna, humans, and the earth.

Important Details

  • Area of Lake : 3000 square meters
  • Excavation : 4 feet of water
  • Capacity of STP : 5000 liters per day
  • Treated water quality : 10 BOD
  •  Number of aerators installed : 2
  • Total time : 25 months

3 thoughts on “Lake Revived in Ashoka Park”

  1. so important. Just to add to it, please do Riperian plantation i.e., along the edge of the bank at multi strata level. Mix it all up like the birds would have planted it: Starting from reeds & aquatic plants, to herbs & shrubs, trees like mulberries & willows & other understorey, mid canopy & overstorey plants. Also add bamboo, banana papaya etc. As Delhi climate is hot & humid, this will drastically minimize evaporation from solar radiation & wind, & will help sustain the water throughout the year. Hoping to see more such projects by NDNS in the future. Amazing work!!

  2. Add some other features like dead wood on the edges & within the waterbody, for accelerating habitat for frogs, fishes, birds, tortoises etc….

  3. It’s really a grt initiative by ndns.Wld love to visit the lake area( after the 2nd wave) and experience it personally.
    I think such an effective action of lake revival in the midst of our city life is to be appreciated deeply.

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