Suru Fest Early Gathering

In the year 2014, a journey began unlike any other. A group of young adults ventured into the Himalayan folds looking for adventure. It was within the lofty ranges of Kargil (Kashmir), where they found their oasis; the Suru Valley.

The Suru Fest started by Tenzing Jamyang and Sandeep Maity, has been held for the past two years. Now, for the third year running, a pre-event took place at Delhi Rock

The event included some insane bouldering sessions, 360° VR experience from OLE India, a short film screening and a Q&A session with some influential climbers, fitness/outdoor enthusiasts, nature conservationists and much more! Almost a 100 people visited this event on Thursday which included kids, men and women. These people participated enthusiastically in various activities conducted at Suru Fest Early Gathering. 

Various speakers who shared a few words about their experience with Suru were gifted plants sponsored by NDNS.



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