The Beginner's Guide to Going Plastic-free

Going plastic-free is the need of the hour, for the ones who are just starting off, it sometimes may be tricky to figure out from where to begin! But now worry no more, we are going to break down the process into simpler parts for you to understand it better.

Why is there a need for going plastic-free?

There are innumerable reasons and the list goes on, but if we talk about the major ones, I would emphasize on the adverse effects on the environment and humans as well. It impacts the whole ecosystem and disrupts the ecological balance which further leads to an unstoppable vicious cycle that goes on to cause destruction! 

Plastic is made of material that does not decompose in the environment, rather gets accumulated on to the surface of the earth. This clogs up the soil, releases harmful chemicals into it, and deprives it of life force. There is no proper way in which plastic could be disposed of. It can only be recycled. If more of it is produced, over a period, we would be left with no other option but to bear the brunt of our carelessness.
It affects nature adversely and all of the constituents of the ecosystem fall into this trap; be it aquatic life, wildlife, or even human beings. The only thing it contributes to the Mother Earth is devastation.

Some poisonous facts

There has been research proving that the additives such as phthalates and Bisphenol A(BPA) are released out of plastic. They can cause cancer and lead to massive hormonal imbalances in both animals and humans. What’s shocking is to know that some research claims that if we continue to use plastic at the same pace, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than the fish!

There are plenty of reasons why we should NOT use plastic, they weigh more than the reasons that validate the usage of plastic. Nature has given us so much, and it’s our responsibility to take care of all of the resources that nature has blessed us with. Even though humans continue to exploit nature, it continues to nurture and forgive us. It’s high time that we become responsible for our Earth.

"Nature gives and Forgives, Man gets and Forgets!"

How to incorporate a plastic-free lifestyle

1. Shun those one time use plastic water bottles.
Using plastic bottles has numerous disadvantages. Every time a single-use bottle is thrown, it only adds to the pile of garbage. While buying water packaged in a plastic bottle, not only will you shell out money, which could easily be avoided, but you will also compromise your health. It would only add to the pollution in the environment. Rather than using plastic bottles, you should invest in one good stainless steel bottle and save on health, money and protect nature.

2.  Carry your reusable cloth bag to the market for shopping.
Rather than asking for a plastic bag every time you go out to shop, be thoughtful of carrying your own cloth or jute bag to the market.

3. Switch to plastic-free containers
Instead of using plastic containers, invest in plastic-free containers.

4. Follow up with smart waste management.
Waste management is very necessary and easy, all it requires is conscious disposing of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste separately. It takes little effort but makes a major difference.

5. Choose fresh food items over packaged processed food.
Buy fresh fruits and food for consumption. Packaged processed food not only contains a lot of preservatives but also diminishes nutritional value.

Let's make a difference. #TogetherWeCan

It’s only with nature that the principle of ‘giving is receiving’ implies, the more we give to nature, it gives back with double the love. Moreover, it’s never too late to fix what we damaged. Little changes that we make will add up to big differences, and NOW is the time that we start to work in synchronization with the rhythm of nature and make this world a beautiful place.

About the author

Meenal is a 2nd-year college student pursuing Psychology Honours. She is an ardent admirer of nature and loves to help the ones in need. It’s her belief that nature instills selflessness, peace, and positive energy. We just need to be receptive to collect the unconditional offerings by nature. She holds the faith that spirituality lends a wonderful perspective and purpose to life.

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