Trees in our society need a tender touch

While moving on roads, walking in the market of your locality or nearby park have you ever observed a wide variety of man-made things such as hoardings, pictures, clothes hanging on trees?

It is a widely prevalent activity of putting nails into the trees, wrapping the trunk with wire or rope. People do it to hang pictures, hoardings, clothes and even for some prevalent religious beliefs. Is it right to treat trees as walls? To inflict injury to a living being that cannot react? We might do this act because we think that we do not have to pay any price for this evil practice.

Do we know how harmful this can be to the poor living vulnerable creatures? A large part of our society is oblivious of the fact that trees are dying a slow death. The reason is our ignorance towards nailing the trees. Even one nail can wound the living tissues of a healthy tree and impose them to harmful pests and diseases.

An initiative to heal them

A small act of kindness towards trees can make a big difference.  It all started when last year we shifted to our new residence in South Delhi. I experienced that the trees all around the society had umpteen number of nails and iron rods hammered into them. The thought about its effect on the health and life of the trees haunted me. There was a impulse in me that the nails needed to be taken out of the trees. 

Some consultations with experts and nature lovers made my feelings and resolution stronger. I raised the issue with horticulture officials and was lucky enough to get the full support from their staff. Together we went for an expedition of de-nailing  the trees,  many trees of our society were treated. The wounds were covered with soil from the roots to save the trees. Today after many months of this exercise, I feel proud and happy to have done my little bit to save the trees.

Plants are sensitive

The satisfaction derived from the de-nailing exercise, makes me feel that society needs to be more conscious about trees. People should be made aware of how their behavior towards other species is causing harm to Mother Earth. We should be aware of wrong practices going around and try our best to make society aware of environmental issues.



About the author

Anju is a home maker and passionate nature lover. She volunteers extensively for the community welfare and environment protection. Her objective is to promote every individual to take responsibility of environment and plant trees. As small steps can make significant difference.

2 thoughts on “Trees in our society need a tender touch​”

  1. A great initiative taken and a thoughtful one too.I will join too post Corona times.
    Anju great write up an eye opener

  2. You are absolutely right Anju..a great initiative..God bless you..The world actually needs such compassionate people like you.

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